Great Service, Fair Price! SIGNAGELAB’s scalable pricing enables you to grow your business along with your digital signage efforts.

Flexible Pricing for Digital Signage



Per device / month / paid monthly or annually

Ideal solution for companies with smaller networks up to 20 devices, who want to publish only basic content and don't need an SLA.



per device / month / paid monthly or annually

Ideal for digital signage companies of any size, this solution requires SLA and additional level of support. Best for users with lots of content.



per device / month / paid motnhly or annually

For extensive global networks that depend on the highest SLA and unlimited support.



Need answers? We Got’em!

Does content continually stream from the internet, or are the files saved/cached on the device and played from there?
Depending on the device, most of our apps can run offline and will be cached on your SoC / player so will only require an internet connection the first time they're played. After that, they'll play directly from the device itself. If you're using streaming apps such as YouTube, RSS or Live content, these require a constant connection.
Is it possible to manage screens centrally, all from one location?
Of course, you can have many screens in many different locations and manage them all by logging into our web app from wherever you happen to be.
Where is my uploaded content saved?
The majority of our servers and data is held within the EU, we are using Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.
Are you providing custom solution and plans ?
SIGNAGELAB is an absolutely flexible solution and we can adjust to your specific requirement. If you are unsure if you can incorporate a specific feature into your desired plan, contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss the possibilities.
Does SIGNAGELAB support white labeling by CMS?
SIGNAGELAB fully supports white labeling by the CMS.
Does SIGNAGELAB allows to have multiple language mutations?
Indeed, in case you require other than English, let us know.  We adjust to your needs!

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