Case studies

Our clients and their solutions with SIGNAGELAB.

Client Introduction:

MONETA Money Bank, previously GE Money Bank, is a leading Czech bank in consumer finance. It is also a fast growing player in the small and medium-sized business segment in the Czech Republic with a strong position in the area of consumer credit. Entering the Prague Stock Exchange (BCPP) in May 2016, MONETA is one of the largest companies publicly traded today in the Czech Republic.

Project Focus:

MONETA Money Bank’s goal was to bring modern communication techniques within and outside their newly redesigned branches. Specifically, their main focus was replacing heavy window posters and obsolete mechanical exchange-rate boards with a more appealing and unique display-based solution. Aside from solely displaying advertising and marketing materials to customers, another major requirement from MONETA was a customized application that could display dynamic content such as exchange rates. Also, MONETA desired to increase internal communication with more modern displays.


The project began with the challenging integration of previously deployed LG and Samsung SoC displays prior to their rollout of the newly redesigned branches. To more effectively display exchange rate information, SIGNAGELAB delivered a customized application that connects to the bank’s API for exchange rates, and creates a visual HTML application that accurately represents the MONETA brand. This application is backed with strong backend logic to secure 100% SLA for this key business feature. The deployment additionally included of android tablets that are used as promotional and informational tools to engage and entertain branch visitors. Bank customers can use them for secured internet browsing, updates on the latest news, and product offerings.

Client’s Key Requirements

  • Customizable user interface
  • Modern and scalable technology
  • Support for multiple hardware brands and
    device types
  • Ability to incorporate previously used displays
    under one solution
  • Support for SystemOnChip devices
  • Flexibility and custom-made apps
  • Custom exchange-rate solution

Hardware used:

  • LG webOS 1.0, 3.0 and 3.2
  • SAMSUNG SSSP2 High Brightness
  • BenQ SL-line
  • Lenovo tablets for customer zones
  • BrightSign HD players for older non-SoC displays

Total number of end devices:

+ 1 000 displays