Case studies

Our clients and their solutions with SIGNAGELAB.

Notino, formerly named, specializes in the sale of perfumes and cosmetics. The company has built a market position with its pricing policy and customer orientation. Notino originally acted only as an e-shop, but nowadays this brand has built very strong network of shops around the world. Notino currently operates in 22 European countries and the USA.

Project Focus:

A complete digital makeover for newly redesigned rollout as well as interactive digital implementation of new store concept within the network expansion.

Intended to ensure customers engagement and increase sales using multiple device types. The goal was to replace all paper- based POS and POP materials and move to an effective marketing communication that will enable clear navigation. Key factors for the success of the project was scalability over time, various language mutations, ease of use, and ability to remotely and quickly manage devices and content on thousands of various end devices over a globally dispersed geographic area.


SIGNAGELAB successfully integrated the multiple types of professional SoC displays procured by multiple vendors. All devices can now be easily, securely, and remotely managed from company headquarters.

Taking into account that Notino promotes more than 55 000 of unique products of 1 150 brands, SIGNAGELAB allows to manage content with many diversities and regulations on a daily basis.

SIGNAGELAB is currently supporting more 300 multiple devices and growing constantly with rollout.


Client’s Key Requirements for SIGNAGELAB CMS:

  • Support SystemOnChip devices
  • Modern and scalable technology
  • Support for multiple hardware brands and device types
  • Ability to incorporate previously used displays under one solution
  • Flexibility and custom-made apps
  • Custom- made features solution

Hardware used:

  • LG webOS 3.0 and higher
  • SAMSUNG Tizen
  • BrightSign